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Since 2007, the property market has declined by more than 30% from its peak. While some say the market is dead, others say there is still 70% left of the property market and the market has simply corrected itself.  The fundamentals of supply and demand remain strong and unchanged.

A volatile market creates opportunities. This market correction has reduced the cost of major input factors such as land prices back to levels in 2005, brought construction prices to acceptable levels, and forced many competitors out of business causing a lack of supply of new serviced land and building stock.

If you have survived the big squeeze or you entering the market with new property developments now, the only main challenge you are facing now is end-user finance of your buyers. Without sales, you have no development!

To get your property development off the ground, you need:

    • pre-sales to get your project loan,

    • willing and able buyers (pre-screened and pre-qualified) to sell your product,

    • buyers that can get bonds, and

    • a bond originator that can get you bonds.

What you need is a partner that performs and provides the results to make your property development a success.

We do not offer you any fancy points or reward system, but fast turnaround times, personalised service, and most importantly results.

We will assist you with the pre-screening of potential buyers to ensure high conversion rates, real-time reporting, fast processing of your applications, and you can be sure you don’t just have a willing buyer but also an able buyer. This saves you time, money, and makes you reach your pre-sales target fast.

So what are you waiting for? Simply contact us on or call us on 083 255 444 2 today!

It cannot be easier. The value proposition of bond origination has never been stronger and getting the best home loan deal in South Africa for your buyer free of charge will always be a winner.

Home loans are all we are focusing on in particular personalised service, turnaround time, and results for every deal you entrust us with.

We are- “Your Home Loan Expert”!

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